Who We Are

CARRILLOS CONTRACTORS CORPORATION (CC CONTRACTORS), is a corporation organized under the laws of Puerto Rico, with more than 25 years in the industry, which offers project management and general construction services specialized in “high end” interior and exterior construction.

Our company is registered at ASG “Registro Único de Licitadores de Puerto Rico” and is in good standing with the State Department of Puerto Rico. Every member of our team is OSHA certified because “Safety is First”.


  • Project management development
  • Structural Repairs Specialist (Certified)
  • Site work, concrete work, structural steel works, industrial & commercial storage, asphalt, pools.
  • Specialty finishes (i.e. painting, dry wall, fascia, flooring, concrete finishes, certified
    water proofing applications, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems)


Construction Managment
Interior Construction
Exterior Construction
Architectural Design

Our Team

Francisco J. Carrillo, MBA

General Manager
Lic. 8993

Supervisor and negotiator of all construction work. Mr. Carrillo has more than twenty years of experience in the Construction and Real Estate Development area.

José E. Carrillo Jr.

Project and Operations Manager

Operations manager in the planning and development of projects in Puerto Rico and Orlando, Florida including Plaza Las Americas, Roma Plus, Rio Hondo Mall, Montehiedra Shopping Center, Bloques Carmelo, Molex-Caribe, Hyatt Orlando, and Travel Launch Orlando among others.

Omar Muñíz


Major Consultant Resources

  • María Carrillo, Esq. Management and Legal Consultants
  • Carlos Aponte Aponte, CPA., Accounting and Management Consultant
  • Luis Barnes, Insurance Agency
  • Eng. Paul J. Vagnetti EA ENGINEERED ADVANTAGE, PSC Structural Design and Consultant


  • Eng. Josué Menéndez, Siemens Corporation
  • Jaime Santana, Architect, Santana and Associates
  • Luis Ayala, Architect, Ayala Architect and Associates
  • Juan Dalmau, Architect, Dalmau and Associates
  • Arq. Guillermo Rodriguez Archilla
  • Arg. Mitchel Rivera Pintado
  • Arg. David Vagnetti

Insurance & Bonds

Insurance and Bonds, United Surety and Indemnity & Signature Insurance Agency

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